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Help! Where to buys kids holiday clothes out of season

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GoGoGadgetLegs Wed 27-Sep-17 14:03:03

I'm about to travel abroad to a sunny climate with my 1 year old.
Anyone have any advice on where to buy summer clothes for a 1 year old during winter? Everywhere I look the summer stuff appears out of stock...

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Pootlebug Wed 27-Sep-17 14:05:21


scoopmuckanddizzyrollytoo Wed 27-Sep-17 14:05:46

Sports direct, usually get shorts , swim stuff, hats etc..

buzzbeebee Wed 27-Sep-17 14:07:22

I just picked up a whole summer wardrobe for my 10month old in Tesco, Next and gap sales. We are currently on holidays :-)

timeisnotaline Wed 27-Sep-17 14:12:04

Local parents group for second hand

burntoutmum Wed 27-Sep-17 14:12:45

H&M still had some shorts and tshirts in this morning. M&S have just started their sale, I imagine that includes summer stuff

storminabuttercup Wed 27-Sep-17 14:58:46

I got DS loads of stuff on the H&M website recently.

BrieAndChilli Wed 27-Sep-17 15:02:50

We have a next clearance and a matalan clearance shop near us so you find beach stuff in winter and boots and wooly hats in summer, plus they are all reduced!
You'll probably find more choice on line where it comes from a warehouse rather than a store.

2014newme Thu 28-Sep-17 09:30:08


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