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JamdaniSari Tue 26-Sep-17 12:34:01

I will be travelling there from Manchester with my OH in the last week of October for 6 nights. I will be 18 weeks pregnant.

Any recommendations/tips/advice?

Thanks x

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howsafeismytrip Tue 26-Sep-17 21:03:58

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Nomad86 Thu 05-Oct-17 15:11:02

Definitely take a wide scarf or pashmina to cover shoulders if you don't want to be harassed. If you want to go on a day out, you can hire a taxi for an entiday day from a taxi rank for much less than an excursion. We went to see the waterfalls at Setti Fatma but there's a bit of a scramble up the rocks to get there so you might not feel upto it while pregnant. Yves Saint Laurent's garden in the new town is very pretty to walk around.

Don't accept any friendly offers of help (directions, taking pictures etc) unless you are happy to pay afterwards.

JamdaniSari Thu 05-Oct-17 16:58:50

@howsafeismytrip Thanks for that smile

@Nomad86 Thank you smile

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bananafanana1 Sun 08-Oct-17 21:39:12

La maison Arabe do amazing cooking lessons, even if you don’t do the lessons just go find it and go for a drink at the hotel.

Hunt out lovely magical restaurants hidden in the medina. Lots of recommendations on trip advisor I think Riad Cherifa was good. Ignore the young boys that try to show you the way! They just want cash.

Prepare to be mithered by stalll holders but you’ll get used to it! Haggle hard in the markets (at least 30% off as your end point but more like 40-50 off their starting price)

Buy Moroccan slippers, colourful throws, bright mortician bowls, saffron and spices.

Have a drink in the cafe de France and head to the top for the views.

If you haven’t booked accommodation try a Riad that’s out of the way, with a pool (Riad jawad was very relaxing after the craziness of the souks)

I’ve never had any issues with the food but I’m always careful- if your pregnant then I wouldn’t touch the food in the night markets with a barge pole!! Go for the atmosphere though as it’s awesome.

It’s a great place.

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