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Hepatitis A vaccination shortage

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PinkDucks Mon 18-Sep-17 15:16:58

Just looking for some advice. We are due to be travelling to a country try where the hep a vaccination has been recommended (Mauritius). Our GP has given us all other required vaccinations but advised we would need to pay privately at a travel clinic for hep a due to their being a global shortage. Only problem is we can't even find a private clinic that has any available either and most are saying it's unlikely to be back in stock until 2018 and we travel in a few weeks. We have been given mixed advice, some clinics have said not to worry and in an all inclusive hotel/resort we should be fine but to just practice good hygiene. Others have said we should definitely have it because it doesn't matter how good your hygiene is if someone has contaminated your food. We can go down the route of having the combined hep a and b but it's very expensive and we don't have enough time for the full course now but have been advised that one shot should offer us some protection for a limited period of time. Just wondering if anyone else is in this predicament or been and not had their hep a?! Thanks

highlandcoo Wed 20-Sep-17 09:44:15

Yes, I am heading to Bali soon and have come up against the same problem. I was very concerned but having talked it through with the practice nurse am less worried now.
Hep B is much more serious apparently, which I hadn't fully understood. If we contract Hep A we could get ill and it would be unpleasant but very unlikely to cause long-term problems.
I'm not cancelling my trip. We are staying in nice hotels and will be extra careful. Fingers crossed all will be OK.

glitterbiscuits Wed 20-Sep-17 14:48:18

We phoned all the local Boots and got one on a branch 40 miles away. They didn't have any paediatric vaccines though. Just adults. £67 per person

PinkDucks Sun 24-Sep-17 13:13:00

Thanks for the replies. We managed to get it done at a private clinic who rang us after they had a delivery. It was given less than 2 weeks before travel but we have been reassured it should offer us at least some protection as our bodies will have developed some antibodies. I've also been advised the same and although it's not a pleasant virus to contract its also not that serious and it does pass on it's own so I'm not as worried now! Enjoy your holidays smile

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