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Seat arrangments in business class

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Saker Fri 15-Sep-17 09:59:31

We are thinking about taking our first long haul flight to Canada next summer with DS2 who is 16 with learning difficulties and severe dyspraxia. He needs quite a lot of help e.g. with cutting up food, putting on seatbelt etc also will want quite a lot of interaction during the trip. I was wondering about travelling business class in the hope that he might sleep on the overnight on the way back, but when I look at pictures of the cabins, the seats in business class seem quite separate and far away from each other. Would I be up and down the whole time trying to help him? Is it possible to lean over from one seat to another and to talk to each other easily or would we be very separate? I imagine it would be a similar situation for anyone with a younger child - any experiences of this or advice? I'm wondering if Premium Economy would work better but then he probably wouldn't sleep.

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mummymeister Fri 15-Sep-17 10:05:49

there is very little difference between economy and premium economy. only a bit more leg room and space around the seat generally. I think you will have to look at Business class and get two seats in the middle. the best thing to do is speak to the individual airline, look at the flight you want to do, go on some of the seat checker sites that give you inside views of the plane. then you can make an informed decision.

ShotsFired Fri 15-Sep-17 10:21:20

Yes you need to look at seat maps ( for the airline and plane you would be on, to see the configuration in business. It might be 1-2 -1 for example, so you'd need the middle 2 (that's usually more long haul). Short haul is more often a standard 3 seat, but with the middle seat blocked out.

Canada is a bit in between the two, depending whereabouts you're going!

Saker Fri 15-Sep-17 10:54:42

Thank you. Yes I think it would be 1-2-1 but I wondered whether even the seats in the middle were quite separate. In the pictures they seem to have a partition, but I don't know if that's removable? I wondered if anyone had experienced this?

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ShotsFired Fri 15-Sep-17 11:02:17

Its usually a movable divide. You can have it up or down. And the table between you is wider than an armrest (which themselves are wider than economy). If it helps, OH was eminently able to hold my hand so you will def be able to reach your son, talk to him etc. And you will also be able to stand in front of him which will help pre/in-flight with seatbelts and whatnot.

If you google for images of the airline + Business Class you should get a good idea of how it's laid out.

It's usually first class that has really individual seats.

SilverForest Fri 15-Sep-17 11:13:15

Normally the two seats in the middle are next to each other facing the same way and good for people travelling with children. The seats on the outside tend to face each other with the divide still in between.
To get to the window seat you often have to climb over the next person along if they are in flat bed mode with the footrest down. I think they feel the most isolated so maybe not best for your son.

Saker Fri 15-Sep-17 11:16:03

Great, thank you that's really helpful. Middle seats sound like the way to go then. Just the eye-watering prices to overcome next smile

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ShotsFired Fri 15-Sep-17 11:57:22

You can get great deals, just got to be ready to jump on them! Sign up to the airlines for alerts and also agents like Trailfinders and the like.

Also look for codeshares where the codesharing airline can be cheaper than booking direct.

(The other bonus with BC is you get lounge access, which is great for finding a quiet spot away from the hassle and noise of the main airport. And depending on route, sometimes you get priority immigration and security too)

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