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What cars are suitable for maxi cosi tobi carseat?

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fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 08:18:51

Have tried to find website for maxi cosi, with no success.

It is much cheaper to buy online than at Halfords where they will fit it.

Does anyone know if there is anything similar to the Britax fit finder for other car seats?

NannyL Mon 02-Apr-07 10:11:11

maxi cosi seats are generally great at fitting in pretty much all normal cars! if it helps!

fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 11:26:24

Do you know where you can find out? I've got a citroen c3, but DP has a vauxhall zafira, which is a people carrier. Is that a normal car?

fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 11:27:01


MrsBadger Mon 02-Apr-07 11:27:20


thePA Mon 02-Apr-07 11:28:25

but whatever you do, don't go to Halfords!

they have a dreadful record for incorrectly fitting carseats

thePA Mon 02-Apr-07 11:29:11

mothercare stock it, you can get them to check it fits in your car even if you don't end up buying it there, i did

Enid Mon 02-Apr-07 11:31:20

fizzbuzz get google

fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 11:39:00

I've GOT Google! But when I type in maxi cosi website or homepage, it just brings up loads of car seats for sale, and no website anywhere in sight.....

MrsBadger Mon 02-Apr-07 12:14:50

why would you type in 'website'??
you're searching the internet - anything you find will be a website!

just type in 'maxi cosi'

fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 13:00:35

I HAVE typed in maxi cosi. Typing in maxi cosi website was just one of the many variations I tried to get to the website, rather than all the the other stuff that came up. I didn't just type in word website!
I'm not quite that dim!!

I typed the following variations in to no avail.
Maxi cosi
Maxi cosi homepage
Maxi cosi website
Maxi Cosi UK,

None of them bought up the maxi cosi website.

I even tried different addresses such as or maxi, with no success.

If anyone has actual website address I would be very grateful

MrsBadger Mon 02-Apr-07 13:02:30

I posted you the link straight to the maxi cosi website at 11.27am, what more do you want?!
You have to open the window up to the full size of your screen and click on the union flag.

MrsBadger Mon 02-Apr-07 13:05:38

look, here you are, straight to the 'what seat fits what car' page

click here with your mouse, fizzbuzz

fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 13:25:42

Ahhh, missed your earlier message. Had just found website, but thanks v much.

Am now going away to whitter about isofix v non isofix....

Enid Mon 02-Apr-07 13:31:16


fizzbuzz Mon 02-Apr-07 14:12:22

I want isofix, dp says it is a scam develpoed to make concerned parents pay more. Not really a scam as such, but something that plays on peoples feelings, and sin't necessary.

I disagree with him

IrishDad Thu 16-Aug-07 17:27:32

Hi all, the Maxi Cosi website is or try

Hope this helps

SummerMama2010 Sun 11-Sep-11 21:43:40

Any carseat fitted with a three point seatbelt requires a physical fitting by a trained member of staff prior to purchase to confirm suitability.

Quote from e-mail from Maxi Cosi. :-)

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