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Holiday 2018 with 4 children

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Kyliesized Tue 15-Aug-17 08:01:00

HI! I find myself planning a holiday for my partner and 4 children (7,5,4,3) for summer 2018. We would like to go abroad somewhere with a kids club, but I'm struggling to find anywhere that isn't either 10k or where the kids club accepts children of 4+. We would like an afternoon or two childless if possible!
I just thought I'd ask if anyone has any recommendations? We are open to destinations but would prefer flying time of not much more than 4 hours from the UK.
Thank you

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anditwasallgoingsowell Tue 15-Aug-17 08:26:55

Look at Turkey. If you are doing AI you will probably get the best hotel for your money there. Though if you are looking in school holidays it's going to be expensive for a family of 6 wherever you go.

What is your budget?

Kyliesized Tue 15-Aug-17 08:57:55

Don't really have a budget- just not 10k! Seen some for 3.5k but kids clubs won't accept the youngest!
Had considered Turkey- was just wondering if anyone anything specific?! I loose the will to live searching online!

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2014newme Tue 15-Aug-17 09:57:18

Most kids clubs start at age 4. You need one with a crèche for the younger one. I remember this problem from when mine were that age.

BeTheHokeyMan Tue 15-Aug-17 12:58:20

What about a euro camp ? Always lots to do ,nice pools and they have kid clubs too!Loads of choice of types of camps and they are in several different countries too

Silvertap Tue 15-Aug-17 13:04:47

Thomson family life do crèches

2014newme Wed 16-Aug-17 08:27:16

@bethehokeyman euro camp kids clubs don't take 3 year olds, unless the patent stays

AnnabelleLecter Wed 16-Aug-17 08:42:11

Cruises including P and o do family suites for 6 people and kids clubs from 2+ years old, children's tea and a night crèche so that parents can go to dinner and watch shows while the lo are having fun. They did so much, our DC couldn't wait to go!
Prices are generally good value and you don't always need to fly.

Kyliesized Wed 16-Aug-17 09:37:29

Thank you Annabelle- that sounds great. I'll look into it

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