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anyone know about accessing emergency dental care in France?

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northender Sun 13-Aug-17 20:06:29

We sail to France tonight (overnight) for a 10 day holiday in Brittany. With great timing, dd broke a tooth tonight on a Skittle sweet. We can't get any treatment locally tonight so will need to find a dentist in France tomorrow as I think the whole tooth will need to come out.

Does anyone know anything about the French system, how to access it and how expensive it is likely to be? We have insurance and I will ask on the ferry but thought someone on here may be able to advise.

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frenchfancy Mon 14-Aug-17 13:53:06

We would phone around the local dentists to find someone who would take an emergency. Bear in mind that tomorrow is a bank holiday so I doubt that you would find anyone until Wednesday. If in too much pain then go to Urgences.

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