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Baby seats in taxis

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bayleaf Fri 21-Jun-02 20:53:36

I'm off on holiday tomorrow and have suddenly had a mild panic realising that I will need to get a taxi the other end ( in France) and I have no idea what happens re toddlers and taxis. Do I just belt dd onto my lap or do some have child seats? Advice please ladies!!

sb34 Fri 21-Jun-02 21:05:57

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Fri 21-Jun-02 21:36:51

bayleaf, although I am normally fanatical about carseats and seatbelts, there are a few occasions when I have decided that it just wasn't possible. New York City is one of them and when we go on holiday to italy is the other. If we rent a car, then I bring a car seat or rent one with the car. Otherwise it just isn't practical to lug a car seat around on trains etc. for one taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. I normally stick my son (18 mo.) in the lap portion of the seatbelt with me as we are usually not travelling more than 10 or 20 miles an hour (and in rome it's more like 2mph) and I figure the most likely thing to happen is a fender bender where I'm not going to be crushing him, but he could get a nice dent in his head if not belted in. I have yet to find a city (even in safety mad la) that has taxis with their own car seats. It would be great if there were a safer solution, but I haven't discovered one yet.

bayleaf Fri 21-Jun-02 22:12:52

Thanks Sofia and sb34 - dd is 17 months so can't use belt by herself and I can't use our car seat as dh is driving to France with it in the car ( has already set off!) and I'm flying with dd ( it's a long story!) besides frankly it's far too big for me to lug around with me! Looks like I'm going to have to dice with death with hr on my lap as you say Sofia and will have to ask the driver to go really slowly!
Thanks again!

JJ Fri 21-Jun-02 22:37:51

Not an idea solution but: do you have a harness that goes around her shoulders? Figure out a way to hook that (or even tie it) to the seat belt and keep her in that. As sb34 said, don't put her in with you. Even in a swift stop she could get hurt.

sb34 Sat 22-Jun-02 00:41:16

Message withdrawn

MalmoMum Sat 22-Jun-02 07:23:17

I doubt if this one is covered in safety statistics but I pop ds in the Bush Baby pack back which I find useful for travelling and then strap this in the car. Maybe it just placates me rather than being anymuch use.

I did use to work in transport safety and was always very concerned. The first time I flew, my father forgot the child seat when he came to fetch me from the airport and I sent him home again to get it. A lot of travelling later and I'm aware that we do sometimes end up in higher risk situations.

As Sofia mentioned, the speed your vechicle is going will have a large impact on any damage caused so try and convince your taxi driver to take it easy. Claiming that you will be sick if they drive fast usually has a greater personal impact than wittering on about safety. When travelling on my own I do ask that they drive legally at the very least (difficult to do without sounding snotty but speed IS an issue).

bayleaf Sat 22-Jun-02 09:13:39

Thanks again - I do speak French so I'll at least try and ring - tho am running out of time to track down phone nos! - and I was going to take reins - so will definitely also take some clipper rings to try and attach to seat belt - excellent last resort idea.
How on earth do people manage in London when they take taxis/on buses??? Had never occured to me before!

SofiaAmes Sat 22-Jun-02 14:58:00

My friends in nyc just take taxis, belt their babies in with them and hope for the best. It's only since Giuliani that you can even find a taxi with a working seatbelt.
That's part of why I never take public transport in's just too difficult and dangerous with a small child.

MalmoMum Sat 22-Jun-02 17:03:09

That's a shame Sofia as public transport is a safer option for users and pedestrians and the environment.

SofiaAmes Sat 22-Jun-02 17:20:10

MalmoMum, you obviously haven't seen the way they drive busses in Harlesden!

SofiaAmes Sat 22-Jun-02 17:22:47

In nyc/rome I take public transport (tube) everywhere as it is a safe, practical, cheap option.

MalmoMum Sat 22-Jun-02 17:34:06

Only from my bike

SofiaAmes Sat 22-Jun-02 18:59:15

and you are still alive to tell the tale...what a miracle.

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