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One day in London - what to do?!

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happymonkey13 Tue 08-Aug-17 15:52:26

Hi, on Friday I am having a day in London by myself!! I live far away so only go once every couple of years and I won't have my wee ones with me. I am very excited but am overwhelmed by the options of what to do and am being very indecisive! Can anyone recommend a nice day out for me? I quite like stately homes with lovely gardens to wander around and also fancy sitting on a bench/ on grass, drinking a coffee and reading a book for a while in the sun. Clearly, I live a very rock and roll lifestyle!

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm staying near the Science museum and don't want to spend ages travelling, but don't mind some shortish tube journeys.

Thanks in advance! X

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Paddington68 Tue 08-Aug-17 16:14:59

Skala123 Tue 08-Aug-17 16:22:57

I'd take a stroll along the river from Westminster Pier to London Bridge and head into borough market

happymonkey13 Tue 08-Aug-17 20:24:06

Thank you for your suggestions! All sound lovely but I think I'll go for Chelsea Physic Garden... Can't wait!

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