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doe sanyone have a minute to tell me more about Jersey please?

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mckenzie Sun 06-Aug-17 14:08:42

I'm looking at it as a possible holiday for us for mid-late August.
Please can anyone give me an honest idea of what the weather should be like?

Will DH and DS be able to play all the golf courses or are some of them strictly members only? I appreciate that I can find this out by going to the individual websites but if somebody already knows the answer.... happy days smile

Which hotel would you recommend out of the St Brelades, L'Horizon, Grand etc. I'd really like tennis nearby as the golfers might well take any hire car we have.


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Catchytune Sun 06-Aug-17 18:16:31

I found the weather to be very similar to what we have in the south east. It wasn't noticably warmer or drier like it would be further inland in France.
Can't help with the sporty bits I'm afraid.

mckenzie Sun 06-Aug-17 22:17:21

Thanks catchy.

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Allgirlskidsanddogs Sun 06-Aug-17 22:26:59

I've been only ever stayed at L'Horizon, most years for nearly all of my life! St Brelade's Bay is a beautiful beach and we love it. L'H's position on the beach can't be beaten. Position aside I suspect that SBS hotel is marginally better. No idea on the others, no idea on golf or tennis, I think SBS may have their own courts?

AJMcF Sun 06-Aug-17 22:27:07

Also watching this with interest. I am hoping to go with two small children though.

I've looked at a number of places and we are thinking Merton hotel as it has water slides etc.

Aside from that, the checking I have done so far has told me:
Don't hire a car, get the buses
Do the WW2 tours
Do the beach

The weather seems very similar to South England (from my limited online looking).

It is worth noting, I haven't actually been. Just looking for a holiday destination and was recommended to me.

Allgirlskidsanddogs Sun 06-Aug-17 22:52:19

What you do depends on the age of people visiting. If young enough then Tamba Park is great and Durells. The Jersey War Tunnels are sobering and historically significant, not for the very young through. The beaches are great.
Buses are good if you are based in St Helier, but being at St Brelade's you find you have to catch a bus into St Helier and then another out to your destination, so it took well over an hour to get from St Brelade's to either Tamba Park or the War Tunnels.
I'd recommend doing a Seafari too.
The weather tends to be similar to the south coast, can be slightly warmer. The saes around the Channel Islands are rocky and sailing can be rough, int elms of ferry crossings.

mckenzie Mon 07-Aug-17 07:56:14

Thank very much for the posts. It sounds like I would love it, the DCs would be happy but DH not as he wants guaranteed good weather.
Back to the drawing board sad

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kbsydney Sun 13-Aug-17 04:40:45

I grew up in jersey and it's great! Weather is hit and miss though - similar to south coast of England. Sun is not guaranteed! But when the sun shines it's amazing.

St Brelades is very family friendly beach. Jersey has a massive tide range so when the tide is high many of the beaches disappear so you should look at the high tide times before going to some beaches

Definitely hire a car. The buses are rubbish.

Good golf at la moye, and the Royal - but you may need to play with a member. les Ormes is good fun as well.

Not sure about tennis courts in St Brelade - sorry.

Tamba Parkes fun, also the amazing maize (when it's open). Get the duck out to elizabeth castle. Occupation tunnels are very interesting but somber and I wouldn't take young children. Best activities are the beaches - rock pooling at green island, surfing at st ouens, cave exploring at Plemont. Hire a car and just explore!

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