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6 week old b/f baby and wedding in Italy

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Nomadtech Sun 06-Aug-17 12:11:11

Hi all,

Our DS1 will be 6 weeks old in September when my wife's best friend is getting married in Florence. We are planning on going over for 2 days and that already seems too long!

So we are debating what will be better for him. Leaving him behind with parents or taking him with us. Saw a few threads on flights with young babies but nothing on breaking a routine of Mummy milk?

Answers on a postcard please?grin

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massistar Sun 06-Aug-17 14:49:44

I always found it easy traveling when mine were tiny, especially if BF. Stick them on the boob for takeoff and landing and never had any problems. There's no way I could have left mine at that age for 2 hours never mind 2 days.

welshweasel Sun 06-Aug-17 14:51:50

I'd definitely take them. Little babies are v easy to travel with.

LIZS Sun 06-Aug-17 14:53:51

Take him. It will be fine but keep cool indoors if this heat persists.

rainbowduck Sun 06-Aug-17 15:58:03

Take him with you. Grab a sling, and go for it! Enjoy the wedding.

IfYouDontImagineNothingHappens Sun 06-Aug-17 16:00:23

Take the baby. Baby will be fine, it would be you that I would be most concerned about, will you feel up to it after birth. Has the baby been born yet? Will feeding be going well? Will you have post birth complications.
Florence is a lovely place for children.

BikeRunSki Sun 06-Aug-17 16:01:13

Take him. I would be extremely surprised if you partner would be happy to leave a 6 week old baby for 2 days.

Tiny babies are easy - make the most of it before he becomes mobile and opinionated!

BikeRunSki Sun 06-Aug-17 16:02:32

Don't forget to register him and get his passport as soon as he's born!

Bezm Sun 06-Aug-17 16:03:14

I think you'll find that Italy is very baby friendly 😎😎

Nomadtech Sun 06-Aug-17 19:12:35

All thank you for your reassurance... Passport will be the challenge.

As a father I really appreciate Mumsnet... I'm on this forum more than anything else!!

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Enidblyton1 Sun 06-Aug-17 19:17:10

Definitely take him. It may be hard work, but probably harder to leave behind (practically impossible if your DW is breastfeeding).
Advice about passport - take your DS to a local photographic shop and pay (£5-10) for them to take passport photos. Much easier than trying to do it yourself. Then send asap so you're not worrying about getting it back in time.

IfYouDontImagineNothingHappens Mon 07-Aug-17 07:45:55

Woops didn't realise you were a Dad not a Mum. Please look after Mum whilst travelling too, she may be feeling pretty vulnerable still.

Crumbs1 Mon 07-Aug-17 07:47:25

Take him as too early to disrupt breastfeeding. He'll be quite transportable at that stage.

Crumbs1 Mon 07-Aug-17 07:48:24

Passport photo from Timsons the key cutting place.

OuchBollocks Mon 07-Aug-17 07:49:30

The only issues are the passport and your wife's fitness to travel if your baby goes overdue by a couple of weeks. 4 weeks isn't long to get over a CS, or to get a birth registered then get the passport in peak season.

Wait4nothing Mon 07-Aug-17 07:51:06

We flew at 3 weeks - we did register at 3 days old and dh had a passport meeting at 5 days - we paid the most express possible and had a passport by 1 week and 2 days old. It was the easiest holiday so far! (Was also for a best friends wedding - as it was so soon after birth we bought cheap flights we didn't mind losing and booked apartments that could be cancelled)

redphonebox Mon 07-Aug-17 07:52:46

Has the baby actually been born yet? Sorry to be a downer but there is no way I would have been happy going on a plane with DD at that age...I was still recovering from birth, struggling with feeding...

Of course if the baby has already been born and all is going smoothly just ignore me grin

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