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Anyone know what age you can drink alcohol in France?

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OddMollie Thu 03-Aug-17 13:19:58

We're going to France next week and will be spending a couple of days in Paris. My 16 yr old has one of those bucket list wishes to drink a beer at a pavement cafe, but I'm not quite sure what the law is in France about drinking in public. We'll be there and would buy it (and it would only be one!) but will she have to wait until another time to tick this off her list?

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nancy75 Thu 03-Aug-17 13:25:11

I believe wine & beer is 16, anything stronger 18

LooksBetterWithAFilter Thu 03-Aug-17 13:28:15

Nancy is right 16 for beer and wine 18 for distilled alcohol.

OddMollie Thu 03-Aug-17 13:39:18

Thanks so much for replying, Nancy and LooksBetter. She'll be very happy! (She's my youngest, so I'll just feel very old!)

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