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Southern Sicily in mid October??

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RockinHippy Thu 03-Aug-17 12:09:16

Would anyone know if it is likely to be hot enough for sea swimming & lounging by the pool/ beach??

If not any other recommendations for somewhere that will be hot enough, preferably dry heat (health problems), but with lots to see & do ?? Preferably not overly British touristy places like Tenerife & the likes & preferably needs access to good healthcare, just incase as our daughter & myself are higher risk.

Traveling with 2 adults & a 15 y/o & we like to mix getting out & experiencing local culture & sights, with relaxing on a beach or similar, good diving would be a bonus for DH


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smogsville Fri 04-Aug-17 10:22:52

I'd be surprised. Reckon you'd be better off looking at a Greek island or Cyprus that late. Or Dubai/ emirates maybe. I've been to Sicily several times at various times of the year including first week of July this year which was a peachy 29-32. The other thing to consider is stuff shuts down a bit out of season even if weather unusually warm.

juneau Sat 05-Aug-17 08:35:36

It could be warm enough, but no guarantees. In Oct I would travel to either Cyprus or Canaries (there are lovely bits of the Canaries - they're not all tacky and full of Brits on the lash), for sea swimming.

BarbaraofSeville Mon 07-Aug-17 09:26:19

I'd say it would be. We've been to Gozo the last 2 Octobers, which is only 80 miles across the Med from Scicily - to dive btw, Gozo and Malta both excellent for diving and plenty of other things to do, depending on what you want.

Anyway, sea was warm, weather was hot, glorious.

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