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Question about Birmingham airport and train station.

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Siesta Sun 30-Jul-17 22:11:29

Am I right in thinking I can get a train directly from Birmingham airport? How much time should I leave between landing and catching the train if I want to book in advance? My plane lands at 14.45 and I only have hand luggage.

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3nationsfamily Sun 30-Jul-17 22:20:53

Yes there is a train station at the airport, you arrive off your plane , go through the airport and on to a short shuttle monorail which takes about 2 minutes to get to the station. Depending on what gate you land at, whether you have to get a bus from plane to terminal , I would allow about half an hour minimum to be on the safe side.

SellFridges Sun 30-Jul-17 22:23:10

I'd allow an hour from your plane's landing time. You never know with security.

Siesta Sun 30-Jul-17 22:48:29

Yes, I was thinking an hour to be on the safe side. Thanks for the replies.

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Dailystuck71 Sun 30-Jul-17 22:49:08

I've landed at 8.15 and I've been outside selfridges before 9 am before but timings were just absolutely perfect and I was first off the plane. I don't know if that would happen again though.

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