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Those 20cm x 20cm sealable bags.....

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Cydonia Sun 30-Jul-17 09:09:39

Do I need to buy them or do they provide them at the airport? There's 3 of us flying hand luggage only, I can't seem to find suitable bags anywhere to put toiletries, medication etc in. My friend said you can just put your liquids in a bag at the top of your hand luggage bag and the airport security will give you the approved bag to transfer them into? Has anyone done this? I don't want to cause a kerfuffle at security! We're flying Easyjet from Manchester on Tuesday, so I've let it too late to order some off Amazon!
Any tips greatly appreciated!

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dementedpixie Sun 30-Jul-17 09:11:06

I use small resealable freezer bags from the supermarket. They are around the correct size and we've never had an issue using them

Heebejeebees Sun 30-Jul-17 09:12:10

Yes you can get a bag just before security. There's no fuss - safe travels

AuntieStella Sun 30-Jul-17 09:12:49

Lots of airports give them out. But not all, and even those that do can sometimes run out.

Use ziplock freezer bags.

And if you are going through an airport which has a good supply that day, get a couple for spares for future trips.

dementedpixie Sun 30-Jul-17 09:14:44

This is what we used for our holiday to Spain at the start of July (flew easyjet from Manchester)

dementedpixie Sun 30-Jul-17 09:15:57

Some airports charge for the bags too

hellsbells99 Sun 30-Jul-17 09:22:19

Manchester airport now give them for free just before you go through security. Just put your liquids/gels/inhalers in a separate plastic bag so you can transfer them easy and not have to empty everything out.

dementedpixie Sun 30-Jul-17 09:23:09

But if you use the small resealable freezer bags in the first place you wouldn't need to transfer anything

Cydonia Sun 30-Jul-17 09:45:17

Great, thanks! We need some freezer bags anyway wink Think I'd rather do that then I know how much I can put in each bag seeing as they seem to class everything as a sodding liquid!

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dementedpixie Sun 30-Jul-17 09:48:24

specialsubject Mon 31-Jul-17 18:23:06

Go to a real shop and buy some cheap freezer bags.

It isn't liquids. It is liquids, gels and pastes.

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