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Best holiday destinations abroad??

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LuLu123456 Tue 25-Jul-17 18:51:30

Looking for somewhere abroad next year, I have a four year old and 6 year old and want somewhere they will be entertained. Last year we went to Lindos (Greece) and most of their bars had child play areas which was brill! so looking for somewhere similar to that. I didn't like the 4 hour + flight so not keen on going back and would like to try somewhere new.

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Catchytune Wed 26-Jul-17 22:35:31

Bearing in mind you have not mentioned budget, stuff you like doing etc you could do a cruise?
The advantage is it is ( or can be ) all inclusive.
You can do a different foreign beach/ city every day
Kids clubs are fantastic and you know they can't get lost/ wander off.
Lots of entertainment, pools, cinema etc
Book at the right time and it's as cheap as holiday stuck in one location.

LuLu123456 Thu 27-Jul-17 23:29:15

Thanks for reply, I'm not really keen on idea of a cruise, think it's because I can't swim as daft as that sounds!
Not too fussed on price if it's the right holiday p.

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