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Where to go Christmas/Year

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Iamtheresurrection Mon 24-Jul-17 08:50:46

DH's allocated holiday period is starts Christmas Eve to mid January. Looking for inspiration on holiday destinations for 2 adults and a 6 year old. Doesn't have to be a sunshine destination.

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2014newme Mon 24-Jul-17 08:57:15

It's the most expensive time to go away!
How,about center parcs? Expensive but most flights to pay for

missyB1 Mon 24-Jul-17 08:59:28

Cape Town is lovely at that time but horrendously expensive flights!

Iamtheresurrection Mon 24-Jul-17 09:00:57

We already have Center Parks booked for next year.

Unfortunately, this is the time we can have our main holiday sad

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2014newme Mon 24-Jul-17 09:29:21

What's your budget roughly?

Iamtheresurrection Mon 24-Jul-17 10:59:02

Probably about £5k - we were thinking Orlando but there are no Scottish or Manchester flights. If we are connecting via London we'd be as well considering all options.

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Groovee Mon 24-Jul-17 11:17:51

You could do Orlando. Scottish flights are usually to JFK or Newark and then down to Orlando. Or go via London.

LIZS Mon 24-Jul-17 11:27:11

Skiing ? First week of Jan is usually cheaper. SIL has spent Christmas in the Canaries in the past.

Iamtheresurrection Mon 24-Jul-17 11:54:13

Apparently my husband isn't allowed to go skiing - it's in his employment contract.

I'll look at Orlando via NY - a lot of the London flights that were coming up involved airport changes so this might be a better option.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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WhatHaveIFound Mon 24-Jul-17 11:56:28

Thailand was lovely last Christmas/New Year. We flew from Manchester with Etihad.

purpleprincess24 Mon 24-Jul-17 12:52:28

I'd vote for Thailand that time of year

2014newme Mon 24-Jul-17 13:33:42

Orlando could be tight for £5k bit it's a great time to go. Lots of budget Orlando tips on the dibb forum

Iamtheresurrection Mon 24-Jul-17 20:01:09

I'll have a look - thought it was great he's off at Christmas for once without realising the impact on our annual holiday.

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AgentProvocateur Mon 24-Jul-17 20:04:10

I'd go to the Far East - Malaysia probably, it's beautiful.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 27-Jul-17 09:08:19

If you went to the Canaries, and were there on the evening of 5th January, you would be able to see the Three Kings Parade which is the biggest part of Christmas in Spain. The Three Kings ride camels through the streets and there are floats etc and sweets are thrown into the crowd - your 6 YO would absolutely love it.

Lanzarote would be my choice because there's lots of things to do if it isn't warm enough to lay around in the sun (caves, boat trips to other islands, volcano park, museums, arty stuff) but if you get a hotel with a heated pool you should be able to swim and get some decent weather - we went in mid December last year and did spend some time on the beach. Princessa Yaiza in Playa Blanca is often recommended on here and you probably have the budget for it.

BarbaraofSeville Thu 27-Jul-17 09:10:31

Wonders what other things your DHs employment contract bans and what his job is?

The contrary side of me would be finding somthing equally risky to get into or is it a bit of a catch all ie 'not allowed to ski, snowboard, downhill mountain bike, ride motorbikes or other hazardous activities' sort of thing?

Iamtheresurrection Thu 27-Jul-17 10:14:51

It's pretty much a catch all. If anything happens he won't get sick pay and could be disciplined.

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Iamtheresurrection Thu 27-Jul-17 10:16:33

Has anyone been to Dubai at this time of year?

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MardAsSnails Sun 30-Jul-17 06:48:31

Dubai is lovely weather that time of year. Most hotels make you pay for their 'gala dinner' on NYE though, so check that out

Very expensive for hotels though.

Iamtheresurrection Sun 30-Jul-17 16:03:39

£336 per person for the gala dinner!

This is a lot harder than I thought it would be!

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SorrelSoup Sun 30-Jul-17 16:06:28

Swiss alps are great for a real Xmas. Lots of train journeys and cable cars. I second Thailand.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 30-Jul-17 17:32:38

For Orlando via NYC you need time, and lots of it, to clear both immigration and customs. Do not accept a transfer time of less than say 3 - 3.5 hours to make the next plane.

Iamtheresurrection Tue 01-Aug-17 21:17:51

Swiss alps could be a winner for me and dc - Dh can enjoy the apres ski!

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WhichJob Tue 01-Aug-17 21:51:16

Another vote for Thailand

SorrelSoup Wed 02-Aug-17 07:47:31

Look at interlaken. You can get the train to Grindelwald for a cable car to view the jungfrau, Eiger etc. Lovely day trips out to Lucerne.we went on a sleigh on Xmas day. I don't ski but went for the scenery.

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