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Fred Olsen 'Balmoral'

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mustardcream Fri 21-Jul-17 17:06:22

We're thinking about booking a cruise with Fred Olsen on their Balmoral ship to Norway. Any tips/experience of this cruise line? We've never cruised before and not sure whether we're going to love it or hate it!

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LollipopViolet Sun 23-Jul-17 08:26:12

I've not sailed with them (got my first cruise coming up in September with P&O) but would you be taking children? I've just gone into their site, and their kids clubs only run on peak holiday cruises, and only for 5 to 11 year olds, so may be worth bearing that in mind.

SpornStar Sun 20-Aug-17 18:24:21

I've never cruised with Fred Olsen before but my Great Uncle does regularly. He likes it because it tends to be an older crowd and he feels that it caters well to his generation (he's in his early 80s)'s not a cruise line I'd choose for a young family.

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