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Judesmum14 Fri 21-Jul-17 14:58:48

So my H2B and I are going on a weeks honeymoon 2 days after we get married we are leaving our boy with grandparents he will be 3 at the time but I cannot help but feel extremely guilty about the whole situation confusedWe are going out in September by this time my son will have just started his placement at nursery school so ideally wouldn't want him being taken out of that so soon anyway. His grandparents on both sides adore him as does he adore them. I am 23 and my fiancée 25 we rarely leave him other than the odd night out and when we both are at work.

Am I doing the right thing??

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dreamingofsun Fri 21-Jul-17 16:45:27

My husband normally works away and for adhoc periods i've had to work away from home for a total of a week at a time. When this happened my husband's parents have stepped in. They were youngish at the time - 60 - and fit enough and good with the kids. the kids loved it as they got spoilt for a week and the grandparents had loads of quality time with them - and went home happy but exhausted.

i would only be concerned if i didnt think the GP were up to it or didnt know my child....but sounds fine in your case and its only a week which will go really quickly

InvisableLobstee Fri 21-Jul-17 16:52:22

Why not try him for a few over night or weekend visits with GP, over the summer and get him used to it.

Judesmum14 Fri 21-Jul-17 18:54:11

He loves overnights at both GP's houses it's not that he wouldn't be settled it's

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Judesmum14 Fri 21-Jul-17 18:55:37

It's be feeling guilty, I am off work for 2 weeks so could take him to a caravan. Just feel like a terrible mother sad

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Greycat11 Fri 21-Jul-17 19:06:00

It's your honeymoon, you shouldn't feel guilty. Celebrate your marriage and enjoy yourselves. It really doesn't make you a terrible mother.

budgiegirl Sat 22-Jul-17 09:39:45

Don't feel guilty, you'll have a break (every parent needs a bit of time off every now and then, and it's your honeymoon!), and your DS will probably be spoiled rotten by his granpstents, and will have a wonderful week.

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