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Disneyland Paris.

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emilyjayne1990 Wed 19-Jul-17 18:58:20

We're looking at going to Disneyland Paris in December with our 2 year old.
There's so much to look at online and it's all so confusing!

So basically I'd just like to know which hotels you've stayed in and which you would recommend?

did you fly or go in the Eurostar? (we're looking at the Eurostar because I'm not sure how our son would be on a plane!)

Meal plans? Are they worth it? If you didn't get a meal plan, how much did you spend a day on meals?

Any advice would be appreciated smile xx

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QuackDuckQuack Wed 19-Jul-17 19:02:40

We went by Eurostar and that was great (though it's easy for us to get to St Pancras). We stayed in Sequoia Lodge which was a bit of a trek back and forth to the hotel, but had a nice swimming pool. I'd try to stay in the hotel right at the parks if we went again. We went in September, I'm not sure what it's like to go when it's cold.

A1Sharon Wed 19-Jul-17 19:05:37

Hi, we have been twice, have 3 DC.
We stayed in the Davy Crockett first and the Disneyland Paris Hotel the second time.
The DPH is great, right at the entrance to the park, which suited us as youngest was 3yo, so could easily nip back for naps etc.
We did the meal plan, had breakfast in the hotel, then came back and used our lunch and dinner vouchers in the hotel and just got room service.
It was great. Loads of food, kids were happy, relaxing.

A1Sharon Wed 19-Jul-17 19:06:12

There is a pool and small kids playroom in the hotel too.

Lj8893 Wed 19-Jul-17 19:08:58

We stayed in Santa Fe, which was a 15 min walk to the parks. We are going in March and staying at sequoia lodge this time.

We got the ferry from Dover and drove which was surprisingly easy! Just long because we are a 4 hour drive from Dover. Planning to fly when we go in march.

We had a meal plan included in our package which was fab and I would recommend having a meal plan, half board would be fine.

Join the Disneyland Paris for brits page on Fb, it's a godsend!

emilyjayne1990 Wed 19-Jul-17 20:18:22

Thank you for the replies! I've been looking at hotel Santa Fe, some of the reviews aren't great but I'm telling myself everyone has their own expectations!! X

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Lj8893 Wed 19-Jul-17 20:31:56

It's a basic hotel but absolutely fine! And you will literally just be sleeping there, you will spend the rest of your time in the parks!

Loulou2kent Wed 19-Jul-17 21:36:23

We stayed at Santa Fe, it was absolutely fine. Clean & really big comfy beds. Had to stock the room with drinks, but we had breakfast there every morning. Many people took this opportunity to make up some ham & cheese rolls to take out with them. The dinners were nice too. If we hadn't eaten in the parks, then we paid for the evening Buffett & always found something we liked.

The shuttle bus was busy, but they are very frequent & if you walk it's a nice walk along a river. We went in December & loved it. Can't wait to go again smile

emilyjayne1990 Thu 20-Jul-17 06:51:42

Brilliant, this is making me very excited!
I've been wanting to go for years and very nearly booked for last year until my mother in law put us off by saying our son would be too young at 1 and it would be a waste of money! She's actually said it again this year but I know he'll absolutely love it. He might not remember much of it but that's what photos and videos are for right?!

I think we've decided on the meal plan, just so we know everything is basically paid for and we can enjoy it without worrying about the prices of food. Especially after looking at some of the menus online 😩

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Dailystuck71 Thu 20-Jul-17 09:27:45

Sorry to put a downer on things but at 2 he won't get it. If you can do the trip again in a few years time do it but if this is a one off wait as there will be only a few rides a 2 year old can do.

Will he sit still ish through parades and shows etc

emilyjayne1990 Thu 20-Jul-17 09:40:47

We want to take him before we have another baby so he's been with just us. He's very intelligent and understands things so he'll be mesmerised and interested in everything that's happening.

We will be going again when he gets older.

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Florida28 Thu 20-Jul-17 09:54:29

We've been a few times, stayed in central Paris. Going again at the end of our holiday in Sept (cause I'm a big kid) grin. Went Dec 15 and it did feel extra special with all the Christmas decorations etc. Although it was cold it really just added to the magic star

Each time we've visited we've paid for food which does soon add up really quickly, sorry I give you more info on that side of things x

leccybill Thu 20-Jul-17 10:02:25

We waited until our DD was 6 and I think this was just the right age. It is a 'holiday' of very long days, lots of walking/pram pushing, queuing for everything and hyper stimulation of everything. It's also very expensive.

DD loved it at 6. She talks about it all the time (we went May half term 2016). We stayed in the Magic Circus hotel which is on the ring road/free shuttle bus route just outside the official hotels road. It had a big top with ball pit and swimming pool. I would really recommend it.

Take thermals and ski type wear for the 2yo, it gets bitter cold in Paris in December for being outside all day.

emilyjayne1990 Thu 20-Jul-17 10:32:24

Thanks for the advice. There certainly is a lot to look into! We will definitely take lots of winter clothes, another reason I like the idea of the Eurostar because there's no weight limit from what I've seen!

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Lj8893 Thu 20-Jul-17 11:21:44

We went this year, dd is 3. She completely got it and talks about it every single day even now.

2014newme Thu 20-Jul-17 12:57:18

We stayed at Newport Bay and disneyland hotels.
Eurostar is good.
Stay as near to the park as you can with little ones.
2 year old will be very limited as to what they can do. Yes they'll enjoy it but in the same way they enjoy the local soft play, they don't care that they are at Disneyland and don't have any patience for queuing.

QuackDuckQuack Thu 20-Jul-17 16:25:16

If you are going to have another baby then it is worth going whilst pregnant. If you show your maternity notes at the city hall you get a pass to skip queues for rides you are allowed on while pregnant and meet & greets. You also get access to a special area for parades. It makes a huge difference, particularly if the park is busy. It is the only reason I'd ever choose to be pregnant again.

emilyjayne1990 Thu 20-Jul-17 19:10:03

Thanks for the pregnancy advice! I'll remember that if I'm pregnant by December!

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dotdotdotmustdash Thu 20-Jul-17 19:56:26

We took our kids many years ago in mid-January for their 6th and 8th birthday week. It was freezing cold but completely dry for the 3 days we were there, we just wrapped up warm and had a great time. The park was quiet on the weekdays and fairly busy on the weekend day. We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge and jumped on the shuttle bus, but it is only a 10 minute walk round the lake to the parks.

I loved every minute of the trip but our children barely remember it, particularly Dd who was 6.

runsmidgeOMG Thu 20-Jul-17 20:03:54

Are you on facebook ? There's a great group that covers absolutely everything called "Disneyland Paris for brits" you can ask questions and gain info from people who eat sleep and breathe Disney !!! Have a great time !!

Toffeelatteplease Thu 20-Jul-17 20:35:55

My 9 month old got it. My 18 month with SN got it (is have a picture of him making mickey ears with his hands).


On hotels: if budget is most important go off site (you miss magic hours though). If you don't mind shuttles and budget is still important but want the magic hours go cheyenne or santa fe. If you don't want the hassle of shuttle buses you want sequoia, Newport bay, New York or Disney hotel. (Cheyenne if you are a good walker). If you have a push or wheechair Newport bay is not ideal, but Ime there isn't otherwise much between them. I haven't tried new York or DLH because we love the sequioa.

On meal plans: If you want to do a couple of character dinings you might want half board premium plan. If you want to avoid the fast food joints (they are better than they used to be) but are budget conscious the standard meal plan half or full board is fab value for money, they cover most buffets (the buffets are awesome) and fast food. If you want a couple of sit down meals (and top up for one character dining) half or full board plus is good. If you want to eat awesomely with lots of character dining and budget is no question premium full board.

Toffeelatteplease Thu 20-Jul-17 20:56:08

Fwiw we stay in the sequioa for 4 nights with a full board dining plan we top up one character dining meal and one really nice meal. Have done the Sequioa 5-6 times. Newport bay twice (I don't like it. We go in winter and find it feels too cold and too bright. I find the sequioa is darker (low sensory after the high sensory of the park) and cosier. We have wheelchair considerations and the wheelchair rooms don't work for us in the new York and DLH which is the only reason we haven't tried them. I did my explorers once (nicest hotel out of the three I've one) but i hated the shuttle buses with a pushchair and wouldn't even attempt them with a wheelchair.

emilyjayne1990 Thu 20-Jul-17 20:56:55

I've just joined the Facebook group!

I've looked at Disney Santa Fe and also the Disney Newport Bay Club. There's only a couple of hundred pounds between the two, which includes eurostar and full board plus and free photo pass too!

How many days/nights would you recommend?

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Toffeelatteplease Thu 20-Jul-17 21:09:15

4 nights assuming you stay on site the whole time. Two mornings extra magic hours in main park (one starting fantasy land one, starting discoveryland). One late start after doing dreams (closing ceremony) the night before. One studios for opening or studios extra magic hours if they have them.

emilyjayne1990 Fri 21-Jul-17 08:29:00

Brilliant, that's what I've been quoted for.

Just a quick question about the meal plans, how much do you get per voucher? Is it likely that we'll have to pay extra or should the vouchers cover us? We're more likely to use the Buffett style restaurants.

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