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eloisesparkle Sun 16-Jul-17 15:45:01

I have never been.
Which is nicer :
Giardini Naxos
Thank you.

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houseinamess Sun 16-Jul-17 15:47:02

i have been to Taormina. I found it too touristy and not particularly enjoyable. Wouldn't go again. The streets were so packed you could barely walk in them... food not particularly great and overpriced. There is actually nothing memorable about it.

eloisesparkle Sun 16-Jul-17 15:51:17

Thank you house

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bruffin Sun 16-Jul-17 15:54:03

Loved Taormina, although over 20 years since ive been there. Loved the atmisphere and views are lovely.
We stayed half way up the cliff.

Friendzone Mon 17-Jul-17 16:50:34

I haven't been either but we need to be in Sicily for 5 nights Easter. I have read about Taormina being too touristy and too expensive but I can't get past the views. It looks incredibly beautiful

lydiangel83 Tue 18-Jul-17 18:42:03

Taormina fine for a day trip but touristy and packed. We loved Ragusa, Agrigento, Etna and random coastal towns along the way. We packed in loads in a week and loved it. Tasty cheap food and good weather! Don't forget very religious country and Easter is a big deal so check whether that impacts your travel plans

RiverTam Tue 18-Jul-17 19:18:07

It was many moons ago (late 70s, mid 80s) but I absolutely loved Taormina. We stayed in the town, not down in the beach resort and it was just lovely. We went at Easter both times though, probably not as busy as in summer.

Lovely food, amphitheatre amazing and I remember the public gardens being very beautiful.

But it was a loooong time ago!

hollyisalovelyname Thu 20-Jul-17 15:38:26

Based on your replies ( those who have been in Sicily in more recent times) we'll give it a miss and go to Cyprus.

RiverTam Fri 21-Jul-17 07:48:27

Well - I wouldn't give the whole country a miss, it's a beautiful place with an amazing history.

OhOhDearling Fri 21-Jul-17 07:53:20

Sicily is one of my favourite places! Taormina is lovely (but can see why it could get overcrowded at peak Summer season). Giardini-Naxos is more modern, but is still attractive, and has a train station, so easier for touring around the region if you're not hiring a car.

TheNaze73 Fri 21-Jul-17 07:54:48

Sicily is beautiful. Taormina is beautiful for a day trip.

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