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Travelling long haul alone with 3 small children...

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Kateeb17 Thu 06-Jul-17 12:01:37

I am going to China this summer with my three children, aged 2, 4 and 6.
I will be travelling alone and just wondered if anybody else had done anything similar and can offer any advice! They have travelled lots, so I am not so worried about the entertainment factor whilst they are on the flight, but more what to do at the airports!
It is not a direct flight, so need to think carefully, about how many bags and what sort are the best, as I suspect at some point, I may end up carrying all hand luggage, plus my youngest, and not sure I have enough arms and hands!

akuabadoll Sat 08-Jul-17 17:52:16

Yes I do this a lot (though I only have two - they are now 3 and 7). Currently in Middle Eastern Airport with them in fact. The big one is playing on tablet - this is the heaviest thing I carry. The small is eating crisps. I carry milk for him on trips as he still asks for it when tired. My advise is carry the minimum for the needs of your kids. I have a handbag which can go across body for passports, money etc and a canvas shoulder bag with the other bits including one change of clothes for the kids in case of accident. The bag is no more than 2 or 3kg. I can carry on one shoulder and my youngest on the other side when needed. Unless you have very long connections there is plenty of kids to look at in airports to pass the time. Where do you pass through?

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