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A day in London - what to do!?

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inspiredbutohsotired Mon 03-Jul-17 15:20:16

I'm having a day in London by myself tomorrow as my partner is working and I'm on mat leave. I'll be there around 10.30am until whenever really, probably around 6pm when I'll meet back up with him after he finishes.

I've been a lot in the past and done all the touristy (expensive) stuff - the Eye, Shard, all the big museums (Natural History, Science & Industry, British Museum etc.) I've walked round a lot of Hyde Park and I love Camden market.

I haven't been to the V&A museum, is that worth a visit? I fancy maybe having a wander around Portobello Road market too, how about that? Are there any other relatively cheap/free gems worth visiting. I enjoy shopping and antiques/vintage type places where I can take lovely photographs. I can probably get quite a bit done as I've got a travelcard, though I am 8 months pregnant so not TOO much walking.

Any ideas?

Teds77 Mon 03-Jul-17 21:31:21

The Imperial War Museum is great. Definitely recommend.

I've only ever been to the Transport Museum with kids (and it's about £15 rather than free) but DH and I always say we'd like to see it without the kids and actually properly look at stuff.

What about Art Galleries? You can be pretty selective at both the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery next door and just take in a couple of galleries. Haven't been to the National for ages but I always enjoyed the Impressionists.

Tate Modern is great and the new Switch House is worth a look.

There was a good Hockney exhibition on at Tate Britain but not sure if it's still on.

Or if you're after green space maybe try Highgate Cemetery?

Go out to Greenwich - various different museums and sights.


Catminion Mon 03-Jul-17 21:41:01

V & A is lovely. Don't bother with Portobello - not much on a weekday and overpriced rubbish.

OhTheRoses Mon 03-Jul-17 21:46:09

Do the V&A. Then schmooze up to Knightsbridge and meander up Beauchamp Place, turn left at the end and walk along the back streets to Harrods. Then across to the Albert Hall and Peter Pan.

URaflutteringcunt Mon 03-Jul-17 21:48:10

Don't go to the V&A, it is absolutely packed full of pretentious arseholes. I like the British Library as it's always empty and the Imperial war museum is a real treat. The Wellcome collection is free and always has something strange going on - they do lunchtime lectures too. The RCS in Holborn has the Huntarian museum which is also brilliant and free.

Then I'd have afternoon tea in Liberty (don't need to book) and visit the whispering gallery at St. Paul's!

URaflutteringcunt Mon 03-Jul-17 21:49:47

Not to say that people here recommending the V&A are pretentious arse holes 😂 Just that every single time I have been it has been awful. Never had such attitude in any other museum.

The film museum used to be in County Hall but has moved to Covent Garden, that's good too.

Lj8893 Mon 03-Jul-17 21:52:42

The Huntarian is currently closed i believe, but is worth a visit when it reopens!

If it were me I would spent my time either walking leisurely along the southbank, maybe popping into Tate modern along the way. Maybe try booking a slot at the sky garden?

Lj8893 Mon 03-Jul-17 21:53:47

Or try getting a cheap matinee theatre ticket? The TKTS booth in the middle of Leicester Square is a good one to try.

Earlybird Mon 03-Jul-17 21:55:01

I'd second the suggestion of the National Portrait Gallery. The annual BP Portrait show is on, and it is something I try to see every year. It is an exhibition of portraits done by contemporary artists, and entries are selected by a jury experts. Always fascinating and inspiring.

imsorryiasked Mon 03-Jul-17 22:33:58

I would spend a long time wandering around Liberty's, I can lose hours in there.

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