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Anything else to do before flying?

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starfish4 Tue 27-Jun-17 08:45:55

We haven' flown for a few years and everything has now moved on to being done online. I've printed off the ATOL certificate and checked up in online. A friend says she thinks they had to do some other paperwork online. Does anyone know what this could be or if there any other things we have to take into account for modern day procedures?

I'm a bit nervous as tour operator sent through the wrong paperwork initially, when they did the link wasn't clear that we had to log on separately with the flight operator and check in with them - I wouldn't have know we had to do this if they hadn't sent the wrong paperwork through and it had come up in conversation to check in.

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Hersetta427 Tue 27-Jun-17 14:18:09

Depend who you are flying with. Some you have to enter API information before you can print off boarding cards etc. I would make sure you have a picture of passports on your phone /tablet just in case you were to loose one - you still have info which will help you get a new one.

I travel 5 or 6 times a year and I have never printed off an ATOL certificate.

starfish4 Thu 29-Jun-17 09:58:07

So glad I asked. We've had to provide our passport details for checking in and not had any paperwork issued following that. Having done a search the package operator does have a page for entering API information. I can't believe this hasn't been made clear as there's a first time for everyone flying since things changed.

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