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Centre Parcs with disabled DM

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Ginnotgym Sat 24-Jun-17 16:48:05

We've been to Centre Parcs a few times and love it, and have just booked to take my DM along with us (+ DH + 3.5yo DD) in December (Woburn).

We've booked an 'adapted' lodge so she'll be fine in that respect, but was wondering if anyone has done similar, and has any advice or tips we can use to make it as nice a trip for her as possible?

Has anyone hired mobility scooters there? She has a wheelchair but can walk (very) short distances, and also has a walker with wheels.

Would love her to come down to the pool if accessible.

We'll take her to see Father Christmas with us, and I'll maybe take her to the spa if accessibility allows, but any other tips gratefully received.


Reastie Sat 24-Jun-17 16:58:34

I've been to Woburn but not with someone with mobility issues. I think the pool is accessed via a ramp down from the changing room and there she could be wheeled around much of the pool area and there's a bit like the sea with a gradual walk into the pool type area. There are also the cabin things in the pool area you can hire along from the changing rooms which she should be able to access. From memory everything seemed well set out and thought out for mobility issues. Even the bowling was on the first floor of a building but the way they designed it they had the entrance at the back and it's all gentle ramps to get there and perfectly asseccible. If you can choose your villa it might be handy to pick one as central as possible so you don't have so far to travel. Hope you have fun!

CrewsInn Sat 24-Jun-17 17:01:13

We hired a scooter at Sherwood for DM. It made it possible for her to tootle about with everyone, parked outside pool and got inside with help. Also for getting out to restaurants in the evening.

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