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Please help me choose a holiday

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VWVAN Fri 23-Jun-17 19:23:30

I want to go on holiday in June 2018. Never been away alone, so I have NO idea if what I'm looking for even exists, but thought it worth asking for ideas. Bullet points for ease:-

1) Needs to be in UK (health reasons)
2) I can't drive so I will need to get to destination either by coach or train. (I live in the midlands if that is relevant)
3) I have been on a cruise in years gone by and loved the safe, organised feeling of it , the food and the entertainment all being on tap. I can't cruise any more but would like to go somewhere where there is easy access to entertainment, interesting things to do and good food.
4) As I said, I have never travelled alone before, so it would be great to hear of any pitfalls to avoid or ways to make sure I'm not taken advantage of (given a broom cupboard for a room that sort of thing)
5) Don't know if my age should play any part but I am in my early 60's. Happy to socialise now and then but not keen on "jolly hockey strocks, let's all join in" stuff.

Many thanks for any pointers you can offer.

scurryfunge Fri 23-Jun-17 19:29:48

Have a look at Skyros holidays - they do an Isle of Wight holiday. My mum does this and doesn't drive and you can pick and choose what you want to be involved in without it being overwhelming. She reports good food and good company.

Synecdoche Fri 23-Jun-17 19:57:44

I had a really enjoyable solo holiday to York a few years ago. I travelled by train and, as well as there being lots of museums and sights to see, it was a really nice place to wander around. In the evenings (often a time when time drags when you're on holiday by yourself) there are lots of history walks and 'ghost tours' which I really enjoyed. I also took a day trip and got the bus to Castle Howard (where they filmed Brideshead). I had a lovely time!

MarysPlace Fri 23-Jun-17 20:39:46

Try HF Holidays, lots of walking but also different themes - painting, yoga, visits, etc. Have been on several of the family ones and thought it might be too jolly hockey sticks for us but it was great. Was talking to someone who is a bit older and goes on the adult only ones with her husband.
You could just try a weekend first.

MarysPlace Fri 23-Jun-17 20:40:47

Also HF have taxi pick up from the local station. Can recommend St Ives, great location.

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