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Anna Maria Island

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meadow6 Wed 21-Mar-07 13:38:05

Hi everyone,
We are planning a visit to Anna Maria Island while on holiday in Orlando. We want to stay 3-4 nights in child friendly accomodation. I have 3 girls of 8,6 and 18months.
Does anyone have somewhere they could recommend? I have been looking through previous threads but my youngest is not happy when I'm on the computer so I thought this might be an easier way.
Thanks for any help.

green2b Wed 21-Jan-15 10:19:19

We have booked to go to Florida in October and are hoping to go to Orlando for a week and then to a beach resort for a week. We are thinking a week in orlando and then a week on a beach resort. I am thinking anna Maria Island or maybe marco Island. I have two active boys who will be 5 and 7 so I am looking for lovely beaches and relaxation. I would appreciate any advice on beach resort. Many thanks.

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