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Best resort holiday you've been on with teens (not Turkey)

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langlandgirl Thu 22-Jun-17 07:38:18

hi all, forward planning for next year so getting some research in now. Looking for somewhere for school summer holiday where we will def be around other teens for dd to make friends. If there is the possibility of access to road biking or mountain biking for dh even better. Don't mind if self catering in a resort, AI half board etc, it's more keeping the other two happy! Prefer not Turkey.

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mummymeister Thu 22-Jun-17 11:47:03

ocean elements in vasiliki or club vass. we went there with our teens lots of activities and things to do. there is mountain biking as well.

langlandgirl Thu 22-Jun-17 22:16:57

thanks mummymeister, we've been to sivota twice which is near Vass so looking for other alternatives - maybe Spain somewhere, mainland or islands?

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MagdalenNoName Thu 22-Jun-17 22:21:07

I've been on several group activity holidays for families with teenagers run by both Explore and by The Adventure Company. So not really so much about pools and hotels.

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