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Will this be covered under my travel insurance?

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user1498031991 Wed 21-Jun-17 16:28:02

Basically, I have 3 holidays booked all adding up to quite a large sum of money.

I am starting a new job next month and they have verbally told me that the holidays will be ok to take, however, just for my peace of mind, after they've agreed to the hols they are within their rights to decline the annual leave when I start.

Would I be covered under travel insurance if I have to cancel any or all of them?

My policy does state I'm covered for cancellation (up to £5,000) and I have invoices/receipts of any money I've paid

Any help is welcomed


BlondeB83 Thu 22-Jun-17 00:46:22

No, cancellation means if the travel companies cancel.

BlondeB83 Thu 22-Jun-17 00:48:28

Or something like a close bereavement.

Migraleve Thu 22-Jun-17 00:59:03

Only your policy will be able to tell you what you are covered for. It's very unlikely though.

hilbil21 Thu 22-Jun-17 01:47:49

Who is your insurer? The main policies I've come across (have worked for various brands) only cover redundancy when it comes to cancellation due to anything to do with employment

nornironrock Thu 22-Jun-17 07:44:15

I'd speak to HR again. I'm pretty sure that holiday booked previously to taking a new job should be honoured - with the proviso that should you have not accrued enough entitlement to paid holiday, it'll be taken as unpaid leave. It's obviously then for you to work out if the cost of the holiday is such that unpaid leave is worth taking.

RoastitBubblyJocks Thu 22-Jun-17 07:47:43

No, insurance won't cover that.

2014newme Thu 22-Jun-17 08:34:26

Cancellation is if the holiday company cancels not if you cancel because you can't get tge time off work

user1498031991 Thu 22-Jun-17 09:22:33

Thanks for all the help guys, I'm probs just overthinking the whole situation..very nice company from what I've seen, can see them saying no after saying yes to me before I signed the contract. I understand some will be taken unpaid which is fine.

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