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Plug adapters?

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Andylion Mon 12-Jun-17 03:17:35

I will be travelling to Austria and France in a few days, from Canada. Can anyone tell me if the electrical outlets are the same in those two countries?
I found this adapter which suggests that it will work "in Europe", but I am worried that it might not work.

RedSandYellowSand Mon 12-Jun-17 04:34:20

Can't see the pins to know if it will go into a European socket. But yes, mainland Europe is pretty standard sockets and France and Austria will take the same adapters.

One thing i would say, it all you need as the front with holes is a Canadian socket. And then 2 round pins on the back to go into a european socket.

Andylion Wed 14-Jun-17 00:00:10

Thanks Red. Yes, that pic is no help at all. It is confusing because we will need both voltage converter and plug adapters. I asked for help mat Best Buy. grin

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