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Tips for a Guernsey day trip

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OldLagNewName Fri 09-Jun-17 14:06:33

Anyone done one of these? I've booked one in the summer hols - we only get 4 hours on Guernsey, so it would be great to have some tips on kid-friendly things to do in our 4 precious hours. Kids are 10 and 8. They do love a good beach, but they can also be bribed to go on short walks (preferably with fancypants icecream). We also often all enjoy walking round gardens, as long as they're the kind kids can rush around in, not 'keep off the grass' ones. Good places to eat for vegetarians would be great too. None of us have been to the Channel Islands before, so some kind of exhibition or museum about the history/geology/culture of the islands or Guernsey specifically would be good. Thanks!

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Sparklyuggs Mon 12-Jun-17 08:00:24

Great thing about Guernsey is that it's small so nothing is too far away smile

Do you have a car? If so I'd probably head to the west coast- Cobo Bay is lovely and there's a kiosk, pub and tea room as well as a fish and chip bar. You could stop at a German fortification on the way there.

If you don't have a car I'd stay in St Peter Port (assuming you are coming by ferry?) Candie Gardens is beautiful, no kids playground but big green space to run around in, a lovely teacher room and the Guernsey museum is in the grounds. Combined with a walk through town to get a local dairy ice cream you'd be sorted.

All of these places cater to veggie, vegan is slightly harder but still possible.

OldLagNewName Thu 15-Jun-17 12:01:32

No car - yes coming on the ferry in to St Peter Port (ludicrously cheap with Tesco clubcard!)

Candie Gardens and the museum sounds perfect, thank you so much.

Where's the best and/or nearest beach or place to swim near to where the ferries come in? Google maps makes it look as if the only place is near the 'China Red' restaurant but I was wondering whether there was somewhere nearer. La Valette bathing pools look great but possibly a bit far to walk?

Thanks so much!

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Sparklyuggs Thu 15-Jun-17 14:51:06

There isn't a beach by China red but the bathing pools are lovely, and probably a 15-20 min walk from the ferry port. Le Havelet bay is before the bathing pools but there's only a beach there at low tide.

Have fun!

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