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Neilson/Warner without DC?

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StopatRed Mon 05-Jun-17 20:49:11

DH & I are tempted to book a week in September.
We've averagely sporty, will have a go but not particularly good at sailing or tennis.
Will it be full of Lycra clad muscle bodies?
Will we feel out of place without children?
Any advice or information welcome.

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2014newme Tue 06-Jun-17 10:20:07

Why not go on one of their adult only weeks?

StopatRed Tue 06-Jun-17 18:28:51

We can't make the dates for the Mark Warner adult weeks and the Neilson adults only hotel has flights departing from Gatwick at 5am with EasyJet which isn't ideal.

I'm thinking of Massini or Sivota if anyone has any recommendations.

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