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Holiday suggestions gratefully received

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mckenzie Sun 04-Jun-17 16:38:59

2 youngish teenagers, golf and tennis essential. Gym preferable (for DH), decent swimming pool for me (for lengths, not playing around).

Eating out (not the same hotel restaurant every night)
Activities (none of us are sunbathers), preferably sporty ones.

We've been to Club la Santa and loved it but there is no golf.
We've been to Likia World when the kids were younger but I think we're past that now, plus turkey is too hot for sport.
We've been to Neilson's which we all loved but that was before golf came into our lives (Neilson's don't seem to be in resorts with any/much golf
We've been to Portugal for the last few years so looking for somewhere different.
We are looking at La Manga in Spain but I'm put off by the tennis court hire charges.

Any ideas very gratefully received.

welshweasel Sun 04-Jun-17 16:46:02

Madeira? Palheiro golf course is stunning. We rented a villa on site which was very reasonable and well appointed. Tennis, pool etc on site. Golf club does good food and it's a short bus/taxi to Funchal where there are some lovely restaurants. Our teens enjoyed canyoning, doing a try scuba dive and going to the water park too. We enjoyed the levada walks, they were less impressed!

2014newme Sun 04-Jun-17 16:50:09

Quite a few resorts in Mauritius have golf and tennis and the price is same as you would pay for a very good European resort.

AuntieStella Sun 04-Jun-17 16:54:54


I don't know the rules for using golf courses as visitors, but it must be possible. You can have serious swimming and tennis court hire at Le Quennervais leisure centre at St Brelade (you could stay at St Brelade's Bay)l. There are other leisure centres dotted around the place too, I'm sure there will be ones with gyms.

There's lots of surfing (St Brelade's Bay and the fantastic 5 mile beach at St Ouen), various places for sea kayaking, and you can scuba dive at Bouley Bay. Lots of green route roads for safe cycling if you hire bikes for a day. And a couple of stables if you want to go riding.

Plus interesting places to see; Durrell Zoo, Gorey Castle, Elizabeth Castle, museums etc. All in an island that's roughly 15 miles by 9 so nothing is ever very far away.

Lots of excellent places to eat.

mckenzie Sun 04-Jun-17 17:09:20

thank you very much. I'm off to research Madeira and Mauritius.
Sadly, Jersey wont have the guaranteed sunshine levels that DH is after.

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