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YoBike - Bristol

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IronNeonClasp Sun 04-Jun-17 07:45:04

I don't know if anyone can help me. I was out in Bristol Fri night with my friend. We have been eyeing up YoBikes for the last few weeks as awesome form of eco-transportation back to friends house - as parking bay close so took plunge Fri.

Total nightmare.

Basically, I signed up for an account around 23:30. I put £10 in account as imagined for 2 bikes where we were going that would cover it. QR'd first bike. Tried to add another to my app (friend did not have phone), stood there 20mins trying to work out how to add another bike. Couldn't add another bike. Then the app effectively crashed. Couldn't get back on the app to cancel the bike so had to abandon the bike. I left it in a stupid location I realise this now, I should have taken it in the ruddy taxi.
Next morning app is working, showing me I am still using it. Contact support. Really poorly unhelpful.

Get bus to Bristol centre and start searching for bike. Bike is not where I left it. Someone has effectively stolen my YoBike that I am still paying for...

Walked around for 6.5 hours. Whoever was manning the YoBike messenger account sent me sporadic and really unhelpful responses such as "I am forwarding this to my case manager" as if I wasn't feeling extremely stressed and anxious about the situation already. But he did send me the YoBikes location but I just could not find it. I imagine the location has a radius. You cannot 'end' your journey without the bike.

Give up. Get train home to S Wales around three in the afternoon. Totally awful day and shitty early night wondering how I am going to find £250 for this bike someone else has 'stolen' and I am effectively picking up their criminal offence.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do or how I can contact YoBike and speak to someone in the UK? The website is really unhelpful. Someone in one of the 4 bike shops I asked if anyone had handed it in said that - apparently Life Cycle manage the maintenance and repairs? Also this bike had a damaged front brake before I QR'd it which I should have mentioned to YoBike as have since read the terms and conditions confused.

Should I talk to the police?

If anyone can PM me to put me in touch with a human I would really appreciate it.

The app is currently displaying that I have had it for 1905 min and at a cost of £10. The bikes I'd is 7701440. God knows how many YoBikes I ID'd yesterday. I must have walked miles.

I should say - this is such a great scheme and brilliant idea. I just feel it's all gone a bit Westworld for me....

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2014newme Sun 04-Jun-17 13:16:06

I've read in the paper locally that there are issues with them being stolen 💐

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