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Recommend a holiday for a family with small children

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fandabbydozier Mon 29-May-17 21:50:16

I'm looking for an all inclusive family holiday with a 4 and 2 year old this July. We have to travel during the school holidays but am looking for somewhere more suited to smaller children. Somewhere in Europe, no real preference where. Looking for a sandy beach and preferably not huge high rise blocks. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

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defineme Mon 29-May-17 21:56:51

Puerto pollensa in Mallorca has large sandy beach, shallow sea, family resort with no night clubs.

Chrisinthemorning Fri 02-Jun-17 07:38:47

Viva/ Zafiro Menorca in Cala n Bosch

A1Sharon Sat 03-Jun-17 08:22:04

Yes, Puerto Pollensa is lovely. We went last year for the first time and loved it, although we prefer Pollensa to Puerto Pollensa, and we had a villa. But I know lots of people who have stayed in the hotels around there, they all seem to be quite good.

namechangedtoday15 Sat 03-Jun-17 20:38:57

Sani Beach Resort

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