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Help a complete numpty - can't remember where I bought my insurance

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annandale Fri 26-May-17 19:22:50

Long shot - I've been really stupid about this.

I've got an entry on my bank statement that says I paid 'Travel Insurance' but I can't remember who I paid and can't find the documents in my email or junk folder. Redoing the quote on a comparison site, I have contacted a few companies that came up but so far no luck.

Has anyone had the same name on their bank entry and known who it was??

FlouncingInTheRain Fri 26-May-17 19:26:41

How long ago? Could you look through you history pages on your PC?

Is it an online statement, if i search transactions online, rather than the statement i can click on them and get more information like sort code paid to etc. Googling that then helps.

Alternatively, if you querry the payment direct with your bank they'll give you the details of the company its been paid too.

Aridane Fri 26-May-17 19:31:29

Did insurers send you a text with policyndetails?

RedastheRose Fri 26-May-17 20:09:33

Ask your bank. They can see more details than you can on your statement so either ring or go in and tell them what day payment went out and ask them to give you details of who payment was made to - simples smilesmile

SnickersWasAHorse Fri 26-May-17 20:13:34

Won't you have the confirmation email somewhere?

BarbaraofSeville Sun 28-May-17 07:58:26

Are you me? Every time we go on holiday, I have to play hunt the travel insurance. We have had an annual policy for the last few years as we go away a few times so it could be months or nearly a year since it was last bought. I also use 2 email addresses for no particular reason so I end up running searches all over the place, plus looking for scrappy bits of paper print outs that should be with the passports.

My saving grace is that I usually buy through Quidco, so I can usually find details of the company in my transaction history there.

I often find that searching through an online log in of my email is more successful than an email programme on my PC. At the risk of telling you how to suck eggs, if you log into your email online on google or or wherever and run a search for travel insurance, does it find it? Are you sure you actually have a policy?

annandale Mon 29-May-17 09:52:03

Thank you all! Tried some of the recommended things and in the end just bought another lot. Curses! Oh well smile

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