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1 week fast track experience

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DonnaMWilson Wed 24-May-17 10:06:49

Completely my own fault but I realised at the weekend that my sons passport has expired. I attended a 1 week fast appointment in London on Monday, I know this isn't guaranteed until Tuesday next week, but we are supposed to fly on Saturday and was just wondering what people's recent experience was of the fast track service are they coming back in less than 1 week?

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mummymeister Wed 24-May-17 15:21:46

you could try ringing them up to see where it is in the system? 1 week turn around is the best I have heard of so realistically getting it back by this Friday is being overly hopeful. sorry. do you have a plan B if your son cant travel until middle of next week?

Janek Wed 24-May-17 22:13:15

My uncle had a face-to-face appointment on a Monday and the passport arrived on Friday (his flight home had been Thursday, so he still had to change his travel plans...). He was guaranteed an 8 day service, this was what he paid for. He went to Durham.

WanderingTrolley1 Wed 24-May-17 22:17:19

We needed to use the 1-week fast-track service.

Passport was back within 3 days!

WhatHaveIFound Wed 24-May-17 22:17:24

DH had a 1 week fast track appointment in Liverpool recently and his passport was back in 4 days.

DD's online renewal only took 6 days so looks like the turnaround is quite speedy at the moment.

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