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Portugal - buying car booster seats near airport?

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Harry79 Fri 19-May-17 10:48:22

I'm hoping by someone with knowledge of Portugal / Lisbon can help me.
We want to buy child booster seats when we can to Portugal, as we think it'll be cheaper & safer than renting them from the car hire company.
Had anyone done this and knows a place we can buy them? We'll be driving south from Lisbon airport.
We'll have bubble bums with us, but for the 3-hr drive we want high back boosters so the kids can snooze!
So, we'll be fine for the first hour so can get out of the city & into the motorway before stopping.
Any tips appreciated! TIA

GU24Mum Fri 19-May-17 21:09:38

Can't you just take yours as part of your luggage allowance? We took ours to Portugal and didn't have to pay extra for them - that was a BA flight so I don't know if other airlines are different.

Teds77 Sat 20-May-17 11:09:50

I would just pack your own too. We had always hired but with the exception of a trip to Sweden the seats were always poor quality/old/took ages to sort out. So last holiday we took our own. So much easier! Straight on/off the luggage trolley both ends and no cost to take them as luggage.

QuackDuckQuack Sat 20-May-17 11:13:45

I'd be worried about my car seat being damaged as part of the baggage handling process. Give the importance of replacing car seats that have been in a crash, letting them be chucked about seems a bit odd.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sat 20-May-17 11:49:48

What will you do with them afterwards though?

Misty9 Sat 20-May-17 22:05:03

Get them neck pillows instead? So they can sleep while using the bubble bums that is. We have a boostapak and find that good.

Harry79 Mon 22-May-17 11:15:01

Thanks everyone!!
We're taking 1 boostapak and 1 bubblegum, but when they've nodded off in them they slump over to almost lying on the middle seat, so I was worried. Neck pillows sound like it could be solution!!

BertieBotts Thu 25-May-17 12:17:04

We had one damaged on a flight so I wouldn't recommend it.

Car seats do tend to be quite expensive in Europe though. For high backed boosters you're looking at over €100 each. Even the Britax Adventure, which you can get for about £30 here is €140 in Portugal!

Perhaps it's worth buying cheap ones in Tesco/Argos before the flight, doing the thing where you wrap them up securely and then check them? If they do get damaged, you'll have the travel ones.

2014newme Fri 26-May-17 15:41:05

We just use the bubblebums.

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