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Turkey - May half term - weather - sun cream!

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bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Tue 16-May-17 22:22:46

We are off to Turkey (Antalya) during May half term.

We have no idea what the weather (heat) is going to be like and what factor sun lotion to use. I said factor 50 then factor 30. DH said factor 30 then factor 15!!!

Can anyone provide us with some advice regarding this? As you can see, we are clueless!

specialsubject Thu 18-May-17 09:48:37

Science 101- air temperature does not affect UV strength. Time of year and latitude do. Four weeks to peak UV and Turkey does not move.

Factor 30 (50 only gives a little more) , apply every two hours or after swimming. No sunscreen is waterproof or once a day, packets lie. Swim in boardies and rash vest, no deliberate frying. Usual common sense advice.

Hersetta427 Thu 18-May-17 15:03:59

We are going to Antalya for half term too.

I am taking F50 for the kids (will drop DD down to F30 after a few days but she has quite olive skin). DS is blonde so will stay at F50. For Us I have F30 and F20.

Where are you staying...we are off to the Voyage Belek - the kids are super excited. It has an all inclusive funfair, water slides and all inclusive magnums. We have a spread bet on how many they eat in a week !

SooticaTheWitchesCat Thu 18-May-17 16:30:38

It can be very hot so I would say just use factor 30 all through, my children are half Turkish and that's what I use for them.

specialsubject Thu 18-May-17 18:09:59

There will be very strong UV even if it pisses with rain all week ( hope not). Heat irrelevant.

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