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Any recommendations for motel/area to stay between Calais and Benodet?

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londonpia Tue 16-May-17 17:08:57

We are travelling from Calais to Benodet on the last Saturday of July. We considered the overnight ferry but it was too much so we opted for the euro shuttle and the longer drive in France. However I am now reading horror stories about the traffic, so we are thinking about changing the time of the train. We've booked the 0730, and we can either pay £20 and get a train the evening before, pay nothing and get a train at 0600 or pay about £50 and get a really early train. The early train doesn't appeal, at all. The 0600 doesn't either. I'm toying with the night before and then getting a hotel halfway there.
Can anyone suggest an area? The formula one hotels all sleep 3, and there are four of us. That said, they don't have good reviews so happy to stay clear! Does anyone have any other chains we can try? We only need a clean room, basic facilities and ideally en suite or private bathroom at a push. And parking! I'm thinking of Rouen but we would rather stay away from towns and just go somewhere off the main motorway- as long as their windows are relatively sound proof!

magimedi Tue 16-May-17 17:20:51

Don't know of anything on your route but I've often used Ibis & they are good - not quite as cheap as F1 but not bank breaking.

londonpia Tue 16-May-17 21:48:50

Thank you for your reply- I will give the Ibis website a go, hopefully they will have something in the area.

magimedi Tue 16-May-17 22:18:43

Just so lovely that you came back - so many peeps don't bother.

Hope you find somewhere & hope you enjoy Benodet - I went there at the age of 8, some 55+ years ago & still remember it as a wonderful holiday.
The hotel was called L'Ancre de la Marine and I also remember going to
HUELGOAT have never forgotten it!

coldflange Wed 17-May-17 15:48:02

I stayed in Rouen a few years ago with DH and 3 dc

We stayed in an Etap which is now Ibis budget I believe? So hopefully you'll still have the same options

The one we chose was on the outskirts of Rouen. Arrived, parked the car in the car park and then took the tram into the centre to look around.

It was a cheap stay. We had two rooms. I think they have rooms for 2 and for 3.

In other cities /towns have used Campanile chain.
They are fine too. I don't know if they do family rooms.

Oh, also kyriad are okay. Again usually on the outskirts.

londonpia Wed 17-May-17 19:14:21

I've never heard of Huelgoat- that looks fab!

I've found a couple of Ibis hotels that seem ok. They don't serve breakfast but I am sure we can find somewhere cheap and cheerful. I've not heard of Kyriad so will check them out too.

magimedi Wed 17-May-17 22:22:15

Don't worry about breakfast - the meanest place will have a bakery & you can pick up a few croissant & some pain chocolat & grab a coffee at a service station.

Have a fab holiday - and come back & tell us about it!

Karlakitten1 Wed 17-May-17 22:25:40

Kyriad and Ibis budget are both ok, basic but clean. Campanile is ok too, but might be a little more. Would stay clear of formule 1 though...the shared showers...arggggghhhh!

londonpia Thu 18-May-17 14:27:40

As long as I have a pain au choc and private shower I will be ok! Thanks for the advice x

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Fri 19-May-17 08:18:48

La Lune b and b near Les Mans is very good. Lovely rooms, dinner and breakfast. Very reasonably priced.

citykat Fri 19-May-17 16:21:15

Caen might be halfway. We stayed there en route to Brittany. In a Campanile. Qualys is another decent chain. is a good resource for stop overs.

Makemineacabsauv Sat 20-May-17 22:37:49

We stayed st the Novotel Rouen Sud which was fab! By the university and business district but near the main motorway we needed the next day. It was fab, had a pool, games area, lovelyvtestaurant sbd near a wee wood where we took the DC for walks. Just up the road and round the corner is a road with supermarkets, fast food places etc and we got petrol there much cheaper than motorway prices.
We ate at the hotel and food was fab, glad we arranged to arrive early as it really was the best start to the holiday.

CardinalSin Fri 26-May-17 13:42:21

Don't know about specific hotels, but Honfleur is about half way on the route via the A29, and is a beautiful little place.

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