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"infant comfort seat" with Ryanair

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cheeseoverchocolate Sat 13-May-17 09:17:04

Hi everyone,

We are about to book flights with Ryanair 2 adults and a one year old. The low cost of the tickets means it wouldn't cost us much more to book an adult seat for her (so we know there is no one sat next to us on the plane). How do we go about booking it? The website tells us to ring to make a booking for an "infant comfort seat" but when we rang we were told we had to book online with the third seat under the name "infant comfort seat" then ring them again afterwards to add our daughter's name to our booking. Has anyone got any experience with this with Ryanair? I have this vision of us following the call centre's instructions and writing "infant comfort seat" as our daughter's name to be told afterwards we need to pay for a name change as it should be her real name on it. Can anyone advise?

cheeseoverchocolate Sat 13-May-17 12:10:21


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