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family travel insurance

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grumpysquash3 Sun 07-May-17 18:41:22

If you buy multi trip insurance for a family, does it cover any combination of the family travelling? I am taking DD for a city break, then we are all going away in the summer. Can I get one policy? If so, any recommendation for providers?

WhatHaveIFound Mon 08-May-17 11:09:45

I have an annual family policy with Campbell Irvine. It covers us all individually so any combination of family members. DH often travels with one of our children and it also covers our DC if they were to travel without us.

Janek Mon 08-May-17 20:11:09

Do you know who this is insurance is with? Our travel insurance covers me as the main policy-holder and any of the family who are with me, so when dp goes away on his own he has to have separate travel insurance. And he couldn't take the dds away on our policy either. Not that i want him to...

Also, i am taking my nephew on holiday this year, it would be good if my brother's family policy could cover him when he's with me.

WhatHaveIFound Mon 08-May-17 22:31:07

Link to their FAQs is here. Or you can google Campbell Irvine Direct.

Janek Sun 14-May-17 17:30:42

thanks for the link - it seems really expensive though...

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