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Am I over worrying FTM

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Jiggles28 Wed 03-May-17 11:07:41

God morning Everyone .... So although being of Childcare profession for the last 10 years it's really true what they say defo different when you have your own! (Sorry if I drag on it's a first time I'm posting but regular Mumsnet Snooper bear anyway get to the point kerrie blush.... we are due to have a weekend break at butlins centre park at the beginning of June my LO will 7 months next week and is BF with using only formula made with his Breakfast 3oz ... ( never took to the bottle so very slowly weaning off on demand and giving at nap times although offerering when his worked up or upset but prefers solid at times ) I'm wondering whether to take pre made formula pack or just a dispenser of powder for the days we're there as I would want to waste although I could take Baby Rice for back up as yes he will be finger foods for lunches and on jars for dinner (sounds like a silly post but it's just on my head confused .... also any mummy's that have been on a short break tips would be lovely like I say I'm childcare background and am trying to go with the flow on our break as that's what holidays are for any reply would be lovely to read ,xx THANKS IN ADVANCE xx

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FlouncingInTheRain Wed 03-May-17 11:20:14

For holidays things are going to be all a bit out of routine so I'd say go for what ever is easiest and accept there will be a bit of waste.

If your little one isn't on a specialist diet the shops at the big resorts like Butlins tend to have just about everything you could need, but you pay a bit more. So don't feel over pressured with the packing - it's not Antarctica. Even if the onsite shop doesn't have stock there will probably be a big supermarket in shouting distance.

I take a few spare bedding type bits with me. Usually fleeces as they are so quick to dry, fold up small and do as a makeshift under or oversheet if needed.

A few plastic bags are very useful for dirty clothes and separating out the milky type soiled clothes that'll need a pre-wash/ soak from the rest of the laundry.

Clips for closing packets and a few boxes for the inevitable food on the go type meals also helpful.

Have a lovely time.

Jiggles28 Wed 03-May-17 11:26:15

Thank you!! Yep was aiming for naps in the pushchair and a bag of toys lol travel has been hired so I suppose padding that out with home comforts (not crazy) might help .. grin

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