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Cruising with a 7 months old

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mum2two17 Tue 02-May-17 19:16:44

Hi we are planning on taking a cruise when DD will be just 6 months. The cruise is with Norwegian Epic and we will also be taking our 5 year old with us. We previously cruised just the two of us on RC for our honeymoon so this will be different with children. Any advice what to pack? It's a Mediterranean cruise. DD will be still on formula and bottles so worried about sterilising ect

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user1491572121 Wed 03-May-17 02:21:32

I really wouldn't worry about sterilising with a steam thing at 6 months OP. Most babies are starting to eat a few solids by then so a good wash and boiling water will be good enough for bottles and teats.

SuperBeagle Wed 03-May-17 02:32:49

Be aware that many cruise lines will not take any child under 12 months on a cruise that goes into international waters. It might be a good idea to check whether that cruise line is one of them.

SpecialFlowSnake Wed 03-May-17 05:07:13

Re: minimum age is usually 6 months, you should be ok. has boatloads of advice 😆 - just be aware that some of the posters there reflect the demographic of stereotypical cruisers 😲. Members can sign up for a roll call which is a nice way to get social even before the cruise begins.

I love💖 family cruising! I'm lucky enough to have sailed 🚢🌍with both Norwegian and Royal Caribbean in the past year. (Not on Epic yet though.) NCL is notably less formal but if you want to dress the family up to the nines for "Norwegians' Night Out" you will be well received by both crew and cruisers!

Your 5yo will probably have a blast. The childcare staff are excellent. They usually do fab crafts which I love to display around our cabin.

Food in buffet and restaurants all pretty good and waiters helpful with/delighted by little ones. Make sure you are clear on which are included and where you must reserve /pay extra. O'Sheehans pub is free & open 24 hrs - now 14yo DD and I are addicted to poutine plus DD loves to tell people she spent her cruise in the pub blush. They do room service too. We love the shows but they can be loud so sit where you can escape.

Be careful about selecting your cabin. A fridge would be vital for you but not all rooms have them. Read reviews and look at the deck plans to check what's directly above and below. NCL cabins are the tiniest I've seen (we are tight budget, cruising in a closet types) so be prepared and really organised. I have a couple of over the door hanging pocket organisers. One goes on the wardrobe and one on the bathroom door. Suitcases fit under the bed. All the walls are magnetic so I used to pack stuff for DD to play with when she woke up early. Now I found magnetic bulldog clips which are so useful to hang up a map, the daily newsletter and aforementioned crafts....

Oh there's usually only one power point and you probably won't get a phone signal in an inside cabin or at all at sea. A battery tealight candle (No Flames!) makes a nice soft glow instead of bright fluorescents. A pack of cheap glowsticks works too and you will be ready for the White Hot Party! Lightweight binoculars can be fun for the nosey.

You already know travelling with children is no honeymoon but you'll have a great time and before you know it you'll be cruise addicts!

(Wow this got looong!)

mum2two17 Wed 03-May-17 14:46:02

Thank you so much for all the advice. Really excited wish DH would get excited too he thinks DD is too young but I'm confident we will all have a blast. I reckon il just have to be super organised as if the cabins are tiny we have in inside cabin so it will be cramped. I spent two hours watching YouTube videos last night on the epicgrin

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