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Overnight Ferry crossing - Irish Sea

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MeerkatOnMyWall Thu 27-Apr-17 11:24:35

Daft questions but I've never done the overnight one before. I know the ferry has lots of facilities e.g. cinema, bars etc. Are all these closed overnight? Boat gets into port 6.30am. Is there breakfast served?

BarbaraofSeville Sat 29-Apr-17 10:01:19

Are you talking about Liverpool to Dublin?

The bar is open in the evening when you get on, don't know how late, I had a couple of drinks when I went on the ferry and went to bed about 11 pm. Didn't know there was a cinema.

6.30 am is more like the time that they expect eveyone off the ferry by, rather than an arrival time.

They knock on your cabin door just after 4 am very loudly as I think they expect you in your car ready to drive off by about 5. Breakfast is available then, but I couldn't face it.

It's all self service buffet for both the evening meal and breakfast and everything except alcohol was free when I did it.

It isn't the nicest experience in the world but I found it fascinating watching all the lorries manouvering in tiny tight spaces and reversing down ramps etc - very skilled. Passengers were almost all lorries on the one I went on, with maybe about 10/20% cars.

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