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City break

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Littleguggi Mon 24-Apr-17 20:48:23

Husband, I and our 8 month old are looking for a city break somewhere in Europe..looking to travel end of June/ beginning of July. Any recommendations on where to go? We've already been to Rome, Paris and Prague. Thanks in advance.

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ShanghaiDiva Tue 25-Apr-17 07:26:26

Recommend the following:

MrsJamin Tue 25-Apr-17 07:29:18


Littleguggi Tue 25-Apr-17 16:25:12

That's fantastic thank you!

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Amperoblue Tue 25-Apr-17 17:11:57

What did you like about the ones you went to an what budget? Will stop every major city in Europe being thrown at ya!

Rinkydinkypink Tue 25-Apr-17 17:15:20


Littleguggi Tue 25-Apr-17 21:24:21

Amperoblue liked the fact they had history and iconic buildings to see. Want somewhere where theres lots to see and do..even if that involves walking around and people watching. And of course somewhere to visit with a little one who will be 10 months by then (she hasnt been abroad yet). Budget wise we are flexible as we have saved a considerable amount smile

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Amperoblue Wed 26-Apr-17 16:52:44

Barcelona would be perfect but it will be way too crowded at the end of June. Much better in Jan/ Feb when it's dry and warm ( relatively) but less ( also relatively) busy.

bitofabelly Thu 27-Apr-17 07:44:17

Lisbon or Nice?

Allinafankle Sat 29-Apr-17 08:17:24

What about Ljubljana? Beautiful city that's not too big and has a couple of good options for day trips should you need them.

Cornishmumofone Sat 29-Apr-17 08:19:27

Berlin has loads to see and do, and you can fit in quite a lot of walking. There are also some lovely day trips that are easy to get to on public transport.

lottysmum Sat 29-Apr-17 19:43:11

With a little one I would opt for Krakow or Riga .....both lots to see not too too crowded - short journey to and from airports - nice inexpensive hotels....

Littleguggi Sat 29-Apr-17 21:45:42

Thank you all for the suggestions! I am still in the process of searching for a holiday. Has anyone been to Valencia by any chance? With or without a little one? And would you recommend it?

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