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Toddler carrier

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Pandora85 Sun 23-Apr-17 21:06:24

Advice required please.

Off to Switzerland in August with dd who will be 3.5 and prob around 16kgs by then.
She walks well but I can imagine that the amount of walking me and dh will want to do will be too much for her. Also with the terrain and also the fact that the holiday itself will probably be tiring, we want to get a carrier.

We are hoping to not use it much and encourage as much walking as possible, but also don't want to miss out on any walking we want to do because it will be to much for her (no mammoth walks planned but possibly an hour or so)

Struggling what to get however.
Backpack carriers seem too rigid and it would mean carrying it on our back every day in case we used it.
Plus packing them!!
A more fabric one seems a better option so we can fold it away and take it out with us, only using it when necessary.
However I'm worried about the lack of support for her and also my back when carrying her.

Tips and advice would be appreciated. We don't have lots of money to spare and we're hoping ebay etc would find a good deal once we know what to look for.
Aiming for £60 max if possible.

AntiHop Sun 23-Apr-17 21:10:29

I use a beco Gemini and carry my toddler on my back. I'd recommend the beco soleil for a toddler.

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