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In a city - solo

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goldielocks15210541 Fri 21-Apr-17 14:16:56

Haven't found a post like this so I don't know if I'm the right place, but I'm looking for advice. I will be travelling to Glasgow by train on bank holiday weekend and from the city I need to get to the airport. I was thinking I can flag a taxi, easy as that but I'm a young girl and I will be alone. You hear so many horror stories! Can anyone from that area or anyone who has done this give me any advise on how easy it is to get a taxi, should I use an uber (never used ubers before), is it easier for me to jump on a train out to the airport and walk from there to my hotel? Too much of a worry head! blush

apotheke Fri 21-Apr-17 14:31:59

This is an odd post. If you are old enough to fly alone you are surely capable of taking a taxi? What 'horror stories' have you heard? Do you have anxiety problems? Glasgow city centre is no different to any other. There are taxi ranks at both main railway stations with black cabs which will be a perfectly safe, if a little expensive, way to get straight to the airport. I've not used uber in Glasgow but expect it's fine too.

Anyway, the train doesn't go to Glasgow airport. You can go to Paisley station and change to a bus or just take a bus direct from Buchanan street bus station.

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