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Very Speedy Passport Turnaround - April 2017

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mimbleandlittlemy Wed 19-Apr-17 14:40:38

Just to give people an idea of how fast the turnaround currently is if people are wondering/worrying: did DS's passport via online application (so couldn't check & send/fast track). Sent Monday 10th April via recorded delivery. Text from Passport Office on Saturday 15th to say it would arrive in "a few working days". Arrived today, Wednesday 19th - and there have been two bank holidays in that time, Good Friday and Easter Monday. So currently 6 working days from posting.

Hope that might help people as the summer goes on.

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LittleRedFrog Sat 22-Apr-17 14:17:48

Can I ask how old your DS is? Our DC also need new passports. DH and I renewed ours online, also with a very fast turnaround. I haven't done the DC's yet, but wasn't sure if the passport office would accept online renewal applications for them given that children change so much in 5 years. To me, they're still very recognisable, but I wasn't sure if the passport office would see it that way!

mimbleandlittlemy Mon 24-Apr-17 20:43:48

Just turned 15 and we had to get a countersignature because he looks very different from 10 to 15 (it's the moustache line grin).

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NormHonal Mon 24-Apr-17 20:47:01

LittleRedFrog I renewed my DCs' passports (under-10yo) with new photos recently (last 6 weeks) and experienced a similar turnaround time to the OP after using the online application.

Busy77 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:09:10

I got a first passport for my DS same dates as you for both posting and receiving...amazing! I did the online application.

Brokenbutbreathing Mon 24-Apr-17 21:20:19

And I did check and send in the Post Office for a renewal last Tuesday, and received the replacement today, only six days in total! Very impressed.

velmadinkly Mon 24-Apr-17 21:33:40

Bloody hell, you lot have done well. I sent DD on 30th March and I'm still waiting. When I queried it with passport office the email response was a generic 'currently being processed'.

I think its the look of the draw.

With regards online application, what do you print off to send?

Busy77 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:46:47

I filled out all the names, my passport details etc and then printed
Added photos got the countersigned and that was it
Surprisingly easy but you can't do check and send with online

Busy77 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:47:10

Maybe paying online speeds it up too?

olderthanyouthink Mon 24-Apr-17 21:55:31

Not that I'm going anywhere but could I do this online if I haven't had a valid passport for about 5 years and the last one was done when I was about 10 (I'm 21 now)?
People seem to recognise me in the old photo and I really know anyone who could countersign.

velmadinkly Mon 24-Apr-17 22:05:44

I've done it online and just uploaded my photo. I don't think i look significantly different, so I'm sending my old passport off tomorrow special postage so that I know it's got there and fingers crossed it comes back quickly or that they decide my photos look too different and they need further details /countersign etc.

Purplecarpet Mon 24-Apr-17 22:06:45

Yes really quick turnaround here too. Posted passport renewal on Tuesday 18th April, received new passport 24th April. Super speedy smile

mimbleandlittlemy Mon 24-Apr-17 22:36:32

older - I think if you have your old passport you should be able to send it off because they can trace the birth certificate but I think the difference between 10 and 21 means you might be better getting a countersignature if possible. If you want to check you can call them and they are very helpful.

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velmadinkly Tue 25-Apr-17 06:45:02

I'm now fretting over my photo! I hope they decide rather quickly if I look too different and I need a countersignature afterall.
I've decided I'm chasing up DD passport today.

WhatHaveIFound Tue 25-Apr-17 20:42:12

That's good to know. I applied for my DD's passport renewal online but before i could send the forms/passport off she had it stolen.

So despite the fact that i said she was recognisable from the last photo, i've taken the precaution of getting the new photo countersigned, filled in their stolen passport form and written a covering letter.

user1486076969 Tue 25-Apr-17 20:47:11

Sent DS passport (renew) by 'check and send' on Sat 22 Apr, text today to acknowledge receipt etc so expecting a quick turnaround grin.

LittleRedFrog Tue 25-Apr-17 21:21:07

Thanks - have done them online, so will get them sent off and hope it's as quick as some of these turnarounds!

WhatHaveIFound Wed 03-May-17 09:13:38

DD's passport arrived back this morning!

It was sent Signed For and they received the application last Wednesday. Exactly a week later it's back with us. I told DH it's all down to my superior form filling skills!

SignedUpAgain Wed 10-May-17 15:05:26

Oh thats good to hear, i have done the online form, sent it all off (signed post) on Friday 2nd May.

I only need it by end of May, so should be OK for that

budgiegirl Sun 14-May-17 23:08:44

We had a very quick turn round too, sent it on a Thursday, it was back with us on the following Tuesday - super quick! I was amazed. It was for my DS's first adult passport, he is 16, his last passport was when he was 11, and I forgot about getting the photo signed - he looks quite different (lost his chubby cheeks!), but there were no problems.

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