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Help - Oman

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theclick Wed 19-Apr-17 01:22:37

DH and I travel to Dubai a lot and when we needed to pick a holiday destination we thought for a change we would go to Oman. I always Pick our holidays so he chose this one. We knew it would be much quieter and more chilled, but one day in and I'm a little bored confused. We are in a 5* hotel near a few amenities but it's very chilled here! I knew it would be but I feel like there is no atmosphere.

I'm sure I'll get slammed for this but will admit I even looked at hotels in Dubai again (Due to my Job I can get good discounts in some) but I know DH won't entertain it even though today he admitted Oman wasn't what he expected (FTR it is completely what I expected, but I thought i could be surprised and love it as so many people I know do). But I just know me and what I want from a holiday.

So, how do I make it better? I've looked on TA for more things to do and we already know will visit mutrah souk and the opera house, but that won't take a day even. We have a few restaurants planned at night time. We spent today by the pool and will probably do more of that in the week. I am pregnant so don't want to swim wadi shab (I'm a little scared of doing that pregnant or not) but will go there to visit if I still can. We are also doing a brunch at the weekend.

Does anyone have any more tips so I can make the most of it? I know it can be a beautiful country, I just need to get over my fear of calm!

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